GDG Taipei #9 - Furnish you app with Maps

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本次活動請到香港 Google Developer Expert for Maps +Homing Tang 來和大家討論 Google Maps。

Google Maps has been evolving since its launch in 2005. The Maps API is the most widely adopted API across different Google API products. With increasing focus on getting to the right place and spatial information sharing, Google has brought more elements and functions to Google Maps API and so as other Maps products. Homing will start the workshop by introducing the Google Maps product families. He will then discuss with audience with some applications would be even better with a map. Attendees will be given time to do some simple coding and learn DO'S and DON'TS for an application that needs a map.  


+Homing Tang

Google Developer Expert, Google Maps

Homing has been using Google Maps API since his undergraduate. He has been developing mobile & web applications using the Maps API, serving corporate employees and individuals. His expertise include GIS (Geographic Information System) & GPS integration. In recognition of Homing’s experience in Maps API development, Google has awarded him the Google Developer Expert, one of the three in the world, in 2012. Recently, he has been certified as a Google Trusted Photographer, which is the first in Hong Kong, to help business owners take StreetView-like panoramic photos and published in the public Google Maps. 

時間 & 地點

2014/7/9(三) 19:30

果子咖啡 GozCafe



  • GDG 是純社群活動。
  • 果子咖啡有 150(飲料無限暢飲)和 250(附餐點)的低消,請各位配合至櫃檯簽到和點餐後再入座。
  • 因爲場地因素,我們會開放有報名的朋友優先入場。
  • 現場有免費無線網路。
  • 請盡量筆電充飽電入場,場地插座不多,蘋果電腦請記得攜帶延長線以免白豆腐癱瘓插座。
  • 有名片的人可以帶來交朋友,會後會有自由交流時間。
  • 如果有想要分享的主題,歡迎寄信到 littleq @ 報名。
果子咖啡 GozCafe / 台北市松山區民生東路三段140巷11號

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