[Android] Fancy Rich Text on Android - Using Roguso as an Example


想了解如何在Android上透過訂製EditText欄位,達到在欄位中顯示字級、顏色、圖片等Rich Text Field的效果嗎?David以他開發的「Roguso」噗浪app為例,分享開發Rich Text Field的心得。


  • Android as a mobile platform has proven much success over the past couple of years.  However, compared to the web platform, which most of us are familiar with by means of desktop browsers, there are additional challenges.  The same set of features that used to work well with link clicks and rich multimedia on a big screen now need to fit into a smaller screen.  Providing the same rich text experience on Android is essential but also surprisingly difficult.  In this talk, we will use an Android app Roguso to showcase and discuss how rich text can be implemented on Android.

若您有想要分享的想法或心得,歡迎提前寄信到 gasolin @ taipei-gtug.org 好安排時間來分享




2012/1/18(三)19:30 @ 果子咖啡


  1. 每個人的基本費用是 NTD$ 150,會附有兩杯飲料,若需增加用餐者則費用為 NTD$ 250。請於報到時繳交
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  3. 場地有免費無線網路,別忘了可以帶電腦來參加;有名片也可以準備一下來交朋友。
  4. 由於使用Apple筆電的人數眾多,請各位盡量攜帶延長電源線以免佔用插座。

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